5. Abloy PL 342T

The Abloy 342 makes for a great storage lock. The shroud is a continuous length of metal from the body of the padlock. The shackle is nice and thick, but it would still be able to fit two thick links of chain between it. If your storage unit is chained closed this is a very good lock, but you can also use this lock inside your storage unit. Motorcycles or large machinery can be chained up and locked with the storage unit itself for additional security.

The core is extremely secure against most forms of covert entry. There are not many people who are going to pick this lock open. Bump keys do not work, just because the disks inside need to be rotated and not elevated. The shackle is going to mess up most bolt cutters, but it can be cut by some of the larger models using the most expensive blades. It is certainly formidable, but it is not infallible.

For the schematics of this lock, we are looking at a 10mm shackle with a 25mm lock body. There is a good weight to this lock and even though you might lose some of the polish off of the chrome finish, this lock will hold up to quite a bit of weathering.

4. Medeco M3 Shrouded Padlock

Medeco is a lock company people trust. It is also a brand that criminals are very afraid of. It has a reputation that precedes it. When criminals see “Medeco” on a lock, the most common reaction is to move on to something easier. There is an overwhelming general consensus that Medeco makes the world’s best locks, though that is probably the result of marketing more than manufacturing. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great lock, but the strength of the name only gets it so far on the list.

Focusing on the good, we start with a lock core that is incredibly difficult to pick. This lock may not achieve the highest level of security possible, but for a storage unit, it is certainly are not bad. As a storage lock, you need the device to stand up against violent entry, and this lock does that with its boron alloy, which is one of the strongest combinations of metals used in locks today.

The lock is very weather resistant so it can serve the functions of an outdoor storage lock just as well as it would indoors. There are also steel inserts within the lock core so that drilling attacks will be deflected. With the proper tools and training, this storage lock can be overcome, but it will protect against even the above average level of criminal entry.


The EVVA MCS is one of the most secure locks in existence in terms of pick resistance. It uses a magnetic key system along with key pins that are manipulated by grooves on the physical key. What we are looking at for this lock is a mechanical and security marvel. It is an outstanding lock to own, let alone use, let alone use as a storage lock.

A steel alloy used throughout the construction of the lock. That means that you have high-quality metal both on the shackle and on the lock body. So when the person trying to open your storage unit is baffled by the complexity of the internal mechanisms of this storage lock, they will have their work cut out for them to break the lock open.

If you are also looking for something discreet, this is an amazing lock. There is no branding on the lock body, and it is not recognizable to non-industry professionals as a high-security product. It flies under the radar. Almost no one is going to target it thinking that it is easy to open, and very few people are going to know that you have invested in a high-security storage lock. This is very important to a lock that is kept publically displayed.

2. Abloy Protec2 PL 362

If you looked at the last Abloy on this list and thought, “That is almost what I want. If only it were even bigger, stronger, and more expensive,” this is the lock for you. What the Abloy 362 gives you as a storage lock is a thicker shackle and lock body. We are talking about a 5mm addition of solid steel.

This might not be the right fit for every storage unit, due to the physical size, but if it does workout, it is an incredible amount of security. When it comes to height, this lock is 95.7mm tall. That is almost 4 inches tall, over an inch wide, with a half-inch shackle. And this is all hardened steel.

This lock is a statement when you put it on your storage unit. With its chrome finish and size, it is a hard storage lock to miss. But even as hard as it is to miss, it is much harder to break open. Similar to the smaller Abloy, very few people will pick this lock open, but even fewer will be able to cut it open.

1. Ingersoll 10

The best storage lock on this list brings everything together from the successes we have seen in all the other storage padlocks:

– A core that almost no one is going to pick open
– A thick lock body
– A thick Shackle
– A shrouded shackle
– Nondescript and non-ostentatious

This is a heavy lock. It literally looks like a hunk of metal. If you can fit this on your storage unit, you are closer to making yourself a fortress. There is very little to say about this lock, other than it does all of the things you want from your storage lock. You are looking at something very expensive, but with that price tag, you are getting undeniable quality. It is actually a little cheaper than the Abloy 362, which has it win in terms of pricing as well. If you don’t want to mess around with the security of your storage unit, do yourself a favor and use this as your storage lock.

Other Considerations

Now that you know some of the best storage locks available, it is time to consider some hard truths. What you find in this section may prevent you from getting the most secure lock or suggest spending more money, but it will help you choose the right storage lock for your storage unit.

Cost – There is a wide range of locks on this list, with a variety of prices represented, but when it comes to cost you should not be thinking about the storage lock itself. Storage locks are just investments to protect the things that really matter. When it comes to cheaper locks, they are meant to secure things that you don’t care too much about losing. A good rule is to spend 10% of the cost of what you are looking to protect on the lock you are using to protect it. Sometimes you need to store inexpensive stuff like decoration and clothing. Things that you don’t want to be stolen. So it does not always make financial sense to protect your storage unit too vociferously.

Hasp Size – No matter what you can afford, you also need a lock that is going to physically fit your storage unit. The hasp of your storage unit is what the shackle of the padlock secures onto. The hole in that hasp must be big enough for the shackle of your padlock to fit through. It must also be positioned in a way that allows for the shape of the padlock to fit properly. And the dimensions of the hasp cannot be too large to the point where the padlock’s shackle cannot fully close and secure.

Storage Unit Location – Location introduces a lot of factors. First off, is the unit itself inside or outside? When a lock is kept outdoors, you need to worry about issues like weathering and water drainage. A lock is not worth much if it rusts shut or breaks in some other way. Next up is the crime rate and popular crime types of the given area. Your budget for a padlock might need to increase just because of the high burglary risk for your storage location. Think about what is putting your storage unit in danger, and determine if your storage unit can handle that burden.


With this list of the best storage locks and the other things to consider when picking a lock for your storage unit, you can select the storage lock that fits your needs. Consider what you are protecting. How much it would cost to replace. Then take into account the practicality of being able to use the storage lock on your storage unit. Finally, determine the level of risk that your storage unit is facing. Select one of these amazing storage locks and give your storage unit the protection it really needs.

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