If you are looking for the best padlocks of all time, this is not that post. There is a fair bit of overlap, but when it comes to storage locks, there are different considerations for practicality and purpose. Price is a huge factor, accessibility is extremely important, and all of that needs to be balanced against the security these storage locks offer.

10. American / Master Lock A700D

If you are going for the absolute minimum of security on your storage unit, you can’t go wrong with the American series of padlocks. They are the first step up from the other locks manufactured by their parent company, Master Lock. Th elock my be branded as a Master Lock and not AmericanThe 700 series offers a thicker lock body and shackle than the other standard American Lock padlocks. But each lock is now made with 5 pin cores instead of the once standard 6 pin core. They are still difficult to pick, as they use security pins.

Along with one less pin in the lock core, there is also the widely publicized bypass for these locks. They cannot be shimmed, but specific bypass tools are available. Make sure that your core has the wafer installed that separates the lock core from the cam. This is intended to prevent the bypass. If you get an older 6 pin core, there is a chance that the wafer might not be installed, and I have even heard complaints that the newer models have not included the bypass protection wafer. But even with the bypass protection, there is a toolkit that punctures the wafer allowing for the bypass tool to complete its original function.

With all of that said, you may wonder why it is still on the list of best storage locks for your storage unit. The simple answer is that it is better than the other storage locks in its price and protection range. And depending on what you are storing, you might not make sense to invest in a very pricey lock. For example, if you are just storing clothing or other items that are not of great value or sentimental importance, you are looking to avoid having your storage unit targeted. You want something better than average without a high price.

A thick shackle and lock body do the job of sending most criminals on their way. It is going to be harder to pick than most other locks. And it generally looks as though you have more intention to protect than other storage units, while still not raising too much attention to the probable value of what you are storing. It is a standard lock with standard protection. Good for when you are not storing particularly valuable items.

9. Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock

The Stanley Padlock is strong and versatile. Fresh out of the package you have a lot of resistance toward destructive entry such as cutting, prying, and drilling. The core has a few security pins in it, but it is nothing too special. However, with the removable core, you can upgrade the security of the lock to pretty much anything. You can go as far as to upgrade the core to something as high end as the EVVA MCS.

The price is extremely fair for the solid hardened metal construction. If you are not worried about getting the most out of the lock, you can use it straight out of the package as a storage lock. It is a great choice for a storage unit that needs minimal security, but if anyone takes a pair of bolt cutters to this storage lock, they are likely to need a new pair of bolt cutters.

If ever you decide that you want a better storage lock, you can keep the exterior of the lock and purchase a new core. And no matter when you decide to upgrade your storage lock, it is going to surprise anyone trying to get in. Even if your lock is being targeted, the criminal will be under the wrong impression of what type of core this storage lock really has.

8. Best Access Systems 21B

Best makes some very good padlocks. Just like the Stanley, the cores are removable, but with this storage lock, you can remove the core with a change key. Utilizing a total of 2 shear lines, replacing a broken, compromised, or keyed differently core is as simple as turning a key. You can also opt to purchase these locks with a shroud, which will make their already hard shackles more difficult to cut.

Best padlocks are the go to lock for commercial buildings or large facilities such as colleges and plants. This is because the company works to provide a variety of shackle lengths, can key the locks alike upon purchase, and builds a very weather resistant product. For this reason, Best is a great choice if you are renting several storage units and would like to reduce some of the hassles of multiple keys. And if the storage units are inside, outside, or require a variety of shackle lengths, you can have one lock manufacturer provide a lock for each concern.

Let’s talk pick and covert entry resistance. With this lock, you are getting a seven pin core. That is standard. You can upgrade it, but in terms of standard defense straight from the seller, Best is the best storage lock for pick resistance so far. On top of how many pins come standard, these are also security pins. This is going to make bumping and picking very difficult. It is a good lock for a medium level of protection (standard), with the ability to become a lot better based on the other options you chose.

7. Mul-T-lock MT5+ TR 100 “Hockey Puck”

This storage lock is not the best choice for every type of storage unit, due to its size and shape. However, it does serve a very important function. If your storage unit has a very weak hasp that can be cut much easier than attempting to cut any of these extremely hard locks, the “Hockey Puck” will obscure the hasp and also conceal its own shackle.

The shackle itself is a shutter style and sits in a recess made in the solid construction of the lock. It is a great lock to use on storage units because most people won’t even know how it is locking the door. They will, however, see the brand of the lock, so there is no real discretion to keep them from finding out more about the lock. But it is sure to confuse most lazy criminals.

The lock body is very solid and made of heavy metal. The lock core is the standard MT5 with the active element on the key denoted with the ‘+’. It is a very complex lock. Very hard to pick. There is no real protection on the keyway itself, so there is the vulnerability to drilling attacks committed against the lock core. All in all, it is an interesting storage lock, and a good choice if your unit can accommodate it. Not the most versatile padlock, but it is certainly formidable when it comes to security.

6. Abus Granit

The Abus Granit is a disk detainer lock and it is extremely secure. The core is very difficult to pick, and it does not have weaknesses of other more cheaply made disk detainer locks. No one is going to bypass the lock core and get the shackle to release without having a key, or years worth of lock picking experience and the proper lock picking tools.

The shackle is also a full release, which means that there is no swiveling release. This is a plus and a minus when it comes to being an effective storage lock. On the upside, with a full release shackle, a criminal would need to make two cuts in order to remove the lock. This is opposed to the one cut that would free up a single side release shackle. On the negative side, it means that you cannot hang the lock from the hasp when it is unlocked.

It might not seem like that big of a deal to need to either relock the Abus on a door that is open, or just simply put it somewhere, but these considerations may not fit everyone’s needs. It can get a be tiring to deal with a lock that requires extra steps, even though it does not seem like a big deal in the moment, there are some who are troubled by it. But when this lock is locked on your storage unit, you can be sure that it offers a great deal of protection.

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