The coronavirus pandemic has been a very difficult time for South Africa’s businesses. The social distancing measures required to reduce the spread of COVID-19 meant that many were forced to adjust their operations or close down entirely. As SA continues to cope with the impact of COVID-19, some businesses have benefited from the use of self-storage facilities to store their items in a safe place. Whether your business is closed until restrictions are lifted, operating at reduced capacity, or forced to downsize, our long-term storage solutions can offer solid benefits to your business now and long after this crisis.

While no one is certain how the coronavirus pandemic will play out, our Self-storage solutions provide a safe, secure, and affordable location for your items, whatever they may be.

R59 Self Storage is here to help your business

COVID-19 has disrupted business across South Africa and the world, forcing many companies large and small to make a dramatic and sudden shift in their operations. We are prepared to help your business during these challenging times, giving you extra space you may need.

Downsizing or operating at reduced capacity

If your business is downsizing or operate at a reduced capacity, R59 Self Storage can keep your items safe and secure. Whether you need long-term storage or a more temporary solution, we are well-positioned to help you weather the storm.

Inventory storage

Just as residents responded to the Stay-At-Home orders by stocking up on necessities, you may have done the same to avoid running out of critical inventory. Our storage facilities can be an ideal solution for businesses in need of additional space to keep extra inventory safe and secure.

Secure storage

Businesses that are shut down may be concerned about break-ins or vandalism. While your business remains closed, you can remove your most valuable items and keep them safely stored in one of our secure facilities that offer advanced security measures, including:

Our property is secure and we ensure that all your valuables are safe, the property is surrounded by electrified fencing as well as passive beams guarded by an external security company 24/7.


R59 Self Storage is ready to meet your storage needs

If your business has a sudden need for storage due to downsizing, inventory surplus, or anything else, R59 Self Storage is standing by ready to help.


We offer a variety of sizes and features to accommodate your needs. View our units here >

Businesses that wants to rent our units can also go online and rent a space without the need to stop by our office, while also making payments online or by phone. In these stressful times, renting a storage unit can be done in a simple, convenient, and safe manner.

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