It is a new year! It is a new month! Yes! But Covid-19 is not yet something of the past! And as we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has been a very difficult time for South Africa’s businesses, and also for businesses all around the world.

The social distancing measures required to reduce the spread of COVID-19 meant that many were forced to adjust their operations or close down entirely. We had to find new ways of doing business, new ways of thinking about business, and new ways of keeping our businesses afloat!

As we continue to cope with the impact of COVID-19, some businesses have benefited from the use of self-storage facilities to store their items in a safe place. Self-storage units provide an economical alternative for businesses that don’t have enough room to store excess inventory on-site. Safeguard your assets by exploring your off-site self-storage options. Some businesses and offices also opt to store paperwork they’re required to keep for several years off-site, instead of taking up valuable workspace. It’s especially important to choose a secure storage facility to keep sensitive documents intact and safe from theft until it’s time for them to be destroyed.

Whether your business is closed until restrictions are lifted, operating at reduced capacity, or forced to downsize, our long-term storage solutions can offer solid benefits to your business now and long after this crisis.

While no one is certain how the coronavirus pandemic will play out during the year of 2021, R59 Self Storage has remained open as an “essential” business, and we are prepared to help you weather the storm.

Our Self-storage solutions provide a safe, secure, and affordable location for your items, whatever they may be. Phone us today, and find out how Self Storage can help your business during this COVID-19 crisis. At 016-366-3200 or

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