It is winter and we all want to stay someplace warm, even your belongings deserve a nice safe place to stay. Don’t let a change of plans have a negative influence on your valuable belongings.


R59 Storage offers you the perfect solutions for short and long-term storage and with our winter special is sure to warm you up this winter.


For just R550/month on all of our 1st floor units you also get all of this:


  • Business and industrial storage
  • Office document storage
  • Personal or household goods storage
  • Storage for vehicles, boats and trailers
  • From 1m² – 70m² Units available
  • Safe and secure
  • Clean storage units
  • Easy access from R59 high way
  • Private


What about some helpful tips on self-storage:

Stack to the Ceiling

You’ll want to maximize your space by making use of the vertical that is available. Stack your boxes on top of each other until they reach the ceiling. If you’re worried about putting too much weight on bottom boxes, consider using shelves for boxes with fragile content.

Protect Your Valuables in the way you pack

When packing for storage, you may not think of taking extra precautions to protect your belongings, because they will just be sitting in storage. However, you’ll be stacking boxes on top of each other and moving them around as you fit them in the unit and this increases the chance of damage. Pack your fragile items with bubble wrap to ensure they’re still intact when you want to use them.

Label Boxes

One of the best self-storage tips and tricks is to label your boxes. But label the main components in each box instead of per room like the living room. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s in every box without having to open them up first.

Disassemble What You Can

Large items can take up a lot of room, so if anything can be disassembled make sure to do that. Wrap the pieces together and keep all the screws or small parts in a bag taped to the bundle.

Use All the Space

Some large items like dressers, cabinets, and garbage cans, can’t disassemble, but you can take advantage of the space within them to pack some of your belongings in, especially fragile items.

Make an Aisle

You’ll want to plan for one aisle going down the center of your unit with the labels on your boxes facing the aisle. You’ll be able to see all your belongings without having to jump over boxes or push things aside.

Treat Leather

If you’re storing leather furniture, you should take the proper steps to clean and preserve anything leather.

A leather conditioner will do the trick and it’ll help ensure that your leather furniture and clothing comes out of storage looking good as new.

Make Sure Everything is Dry

If you are storing anything that holds water, make sure you drain them properly. Maybe also first lay down something like ‘n pallet for your boxes to stand on, to ensure if water would leak anywhere your boxes won’t become soaked.

Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Store anything you can in vacuum sealed bags. This includes clothes as well as drapes, blankets, bedding, and pillows. Not only will the vacuum sealed bags protect your belongings from moisture and pests, but it’ll help you pack those difficult pliable items.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re redecorating and renovating, moving, or just looking for a place to store your extra goods, R59 Storage has your back. Store your belongings with us and discover the many benefits of R59 Storage in the Vaal Triangle.


Call us now at 082 443 4969 to book your storage unit.

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