Since moving is stressful and exhausting, keeping a sense of humor is critical. Grocery shopping with five kids under the age of seven might be easier—another situation that requires a sense of humor, and possibly medication.

Seriously, though, there are some things you can do to remove some of the trauma from the moving experience.

“Let’s put the joy back into packing” (said no one ever)!

Not sure where to begin? The key is preparation and organization. If you take the time to plan early, you won’t have as much to worry about on moving day.

1. Make sure to have enough of the appropriate packing supplies.

Not having what you need will add exponentially to your frustration. 

2. The Golden Rule.

The heavier the item the smaller the box. Save the larger boxes for things that are lighter and harder to carry on their own. If you’re using professional movers, they will thank you!

3. Do your sorting ahead of time.

Dispose, donate, and store early. There will be items that you’re simply not ready to dispose of. You may need them in your new home. We’re here to store your belongings in a safe, secure unit.

4. Label and color code your boxes.

This one is obvious. You need to know what’s in those boxes, and the movers need to know where to put them. Color code the boxes by room. You can buy color coded labels and packing tape at Builders, Game or Makro. Make sure to stick a coordinating piece on the door frame of each room so that all your belongings end up in the correct place.

5. Pack the same room in the same box.

Don’t pack your towels with your frying pans. Unpacking items that all belong in the same room saves time and energy.

6. Don’t wait to pack kitchens and bathrooms.

These rooms take the most time, so get them finished. If you have more than one bathroom, pack up all but one and close the doors. You can use one bathroom with minimal toiletries for a week. Use paper plates and plastic utensils for a while, and no cooking for the last few days so that you can clean out the fridge. Live on sandwiches, cereal, and take out.

7. Decide on a place to store packed boxes.

You can designate an area in your home (basement or garage), or you can leave the boxes neatly stacked in the rooms where they have been packed.  Do what works best for you and your family.


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