The first to cray-cray months of the year has passed. Now it is time to focus on some of your “other” lists as well. A lot of people start renovations in the month of March, as financial year-end is over, everything is settled after holidays and Christmas and a new look will make the new year something to look forward to.

As a nation of DIY lovers, us South Africans certainly love making home improvements, but it can be difficult to know what to do with all your furniture while you carry them out.

R59 Self-Storage have the answer; simply store your furniture with us until you have finished your renovations. Our flexible solutions free up your floors and walls, so you have plenty of space in which to work and then reassess your new furniture needs.

Renovating your home can be a really exciting time in your life. It can increase your home’s value, improve the look, flow and functionality, change its size, layout and in some cases, completely transform it into a dream space.

It’s true that the benefits of a renovation are amazing, however the reality of going through the actual renovation itself is not always so awesome. The renovation process can be overwhelming, stressful and frustrating at times, with unwanted ‘surprises’ and hits to the budget, timing and even the plans themselves.  At times, some of your home or even the entirety of your home can become unliveable or inaccessible and personal belongings can become damaged.  Even with all that, it’s still so worth it!  

Using self-storage for your home renovation allows you to focus on the actual renovation from start to finish.

In the next blog we will share 4 benefits of making use of self-storage during renovation.

For any self-storage questions you may have, contact us so we can help you with all the information your need. At 016-366-3200 or

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