Using self-storage for your home renovation allows you to focus on the actual renovation from start to finish. You may or may not be aware of the hassles of renovating your home. Whether it’s your entire house or only a section, a renovation has a tendency to flip your life upside down. However, there are things that can make you experience more of an upside and less of the downside. Keep on reading to learn about how a storage unit can help you in your next renovation project.

In order to make the renovation process smoother, consider using a self-storage unit. Renting a storage unit gives you 5 core benefits:

  1. It creates more space to work & speeds up work:

During renovations, you will more than likely need to move some or all your belongings out of the way. This results in cluttered hallways and over-stuffed rooms, as most people don’t have the space to store everything elsewhere in their home. Your contractors will need room to work and store supplies and materials. By moving your displaced belongings into a self-storage unit your contractors will have the extra space to work in (which they’ll love you for). And if they have more space, they can be more efficient onsite and get the work done at a quicker pace.

  1. You stay, your goods go:

Although moving out of your house during the renovation can be a tempting idea initially, after thinking it through a second time it might not be the best solution. Renovating a house is already a costly affair, adding an extra cost in the form of a rented house or apartment can be a huge burden financially. Also, don’t forget the extra time and money it will take to find a new property, move in and set it up! Staying put will keep more money in your wallet and save your precious hours. Additionally, living at home allows you to take a more hands-on approach and allows you to see the day-to-day progress of your renovation!  You can see the stages of your new oak floor being laid down or how the custom kitchen bar is being built, making the entire experience more exciting. What’s more is, when problems arise (which they probably will) you can solve them faster, avoiding unnecessary delays.

  1. It keeps your belongings away from dirt, dust & damage:

It’s no secret that renovations can be extremely messy. Whether its insulation, new walls, dust or paint splatter, your space will become very dirty and may stay dirty for a while.  In order to keep your belongings clean, and safe from being bumped into or knocked over by workers, it may be best to move them offsite, and into a self-storage unit. During a home reno your contractors call you enough – you don’t need a call that your leather sofa has a tear in it or that your TV fell off the wall.

  1. Your valuable items will be secure from strangers:

During renovations, your front door may turn into a revolving door of contractors and tradespersons. You may be shocked to find out just how many people can be involved in some renovation projects other than your general contractor, like the plumber, electrician, painter, technician, installers, etc. Some of these people you may never see, meet or vet personally – they are total strangers! This makes some people uneasy since all your prized possessions are in your home, and you may not always be around to keep a watchful eye during work hours. By moving your important or valuable items into a self-storage unit, they are out of reach, and only you have the key to access them.

  1. It gives you a ‘blank canvas’ in your new space:

With all of your stuff safe and secure offsite, you get the amazing opportunity to see your space empty to envision what you want your new space to look like, without your furniture and belongings getting in the way. This can help you better organize your room, declutter and determine what you need all the time in the house, and what you only need seasonally. It may even give you the opportunity to donate a few things you don’t need anymore!

With affordable rates, month-to-month contracts and 24/7 access to outdoor storage units, we make renting easy. You can rent for as little or long as you need and can access your stuff anytime you need it. And by choosing a secure local self-storage facility like ours, you have peace of mind that your belongings are safe while not in your home.

We encourage you to take an online look at our website and the variety of sized self-storage units we have for rent. Contact us so we can help you with all the information you need at 016-366-3200 or  

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