Winter is gone and summer is here!!! As we are approaching the end of the year much quicker than any of us can keep up with, you might still be in the winter-mode in and around your house! But the good news is, we can help provide you with some peace of mind living in less clutter!

With the warmer weather comes the time to put away our winter clothing, blankets and heaters, and bring out the patio furniture. Our homes, and our wardrobes, change with the seasons and there are plenty of items we keep in our homes that we only use for a short time each year.

So where do all of these things go or come from in between and during seasons?

Instead of cramming them into the garage, loft or under-stairs cupboard, with a hundred other items piled on top of it, you could be freeing up space in your house by putting seasonal items into self-storage. For example, store your bicycle safely over the winter in a place that will be easy to access when the biking season returns.

The same goes for storing garden furniture or patio furniture, outdoor toys like trampolines, vacation and beach toys, umbrellas and inflatables, other sports equipment and camping equipment. This will free up space to enjoy the fullness of every season!

In addition to these items you can also store many other larger items, such as summer leisure and sporting equipment like jet skis, boats etc. in our brand new Jumbo size storage units, with a total floor space of 72m2.

R59 Self-Storage has affordable storage units for your seasonal items so that you can free up space in your home instead of storing all of these items that you won’t need for several months.

Contact us today, so that you can look forward to a clutter free holiday season!

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