Winter has arrived, seemingly out of the blue; temperature is noticeably shifting, which means it may be time to partake in some ‘winter-cleaning’. Coming into colder weather is a good time to think about what can stay and what can go, because creating more space for what is important is never ever a bad thing. So why not start now?

Homeowners should start the process of winter-proofing their belongings. From tools and outdoor furniture to sporting equipment and recreational vehicles, most households contain items that need to be protected from rain and freezing weather, especially in outside.

Finding enough space at home to properly protect all these items away from the harsh winter weather can be challenging. Your garage or shed might not be enough to contain all of them.

One way to compensate for the lack of storage space in your home is by renting a self-storage unit, a solution that many South Africans are already taking advantage of.

Self-storage could be a great idea for you if you’re running low on space. It is a safe and dry option, that will be sure to keep your summertime possessions protected until it’s time to use them once again.

In the following few blogposts, we will be tackling a few areas in and around your house, and how to properly winterize a home.

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