Barbecues and Garden furniture. These are things that provide great enjoyment when the sun is out, and it is warm enough to step outside in less than five layers of clothing. However, when the evenings start to cool down, getting use out of these things can fall down the list of priorities until we are just not able to use them at all.

Suddenly, they are just taking up space.

As well as this, harsher weather can be unforgiving to items such as these and can cause significant damage if not stored away properly. All is well and good, of course, until you realise you have no room to fit anything else inside your garage or garden shed. 

Self-storage could be a great idea for you if you’re running low on space. It is a safe and dry option, that’ll be sure to keep your summertime possessions protected until it’s time to use them once again.

Outdoor furniture lasts a lot longer if you put it in storage during the winter, so it doesn’t get covered in frost and it doesn’t go through multiple freezing/thawing cycles. That’s especially true for furniture made of plastic or composite materials.

Of course, modern furniture is constructed from a range of high-quality materials but, as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Come the summer, you want to ensure everything will be in pristine condition to impress the neighbours at barbecues and garden parties.

Whether it’s winter gear, equipment or furniture, R59 Self-Storage has the facilities and security you want to keep your items in tip-top condition.

After all, it’s important that when you pull out your summer equipment, it’s in the exact same condition as when you left it months ago.

We offer a variety of sizes and features to accommodate your needs. View our units here >

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Our newly built storage units are clean, modern and of high standard. With very affordable prices this is the best self-storage facilities that you will find in the Vaal Triangle! We are located just off the R59 off-ramp, close to Meyerton, Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Alberton and Johannesburg.

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