As we continue this journey of winter-proofing our homes, the next area to tackle is summer clothes.

It’s easy to not realise how many clothes we have in our wardrobes until we stop wearing them for a few months. When the piles of t-shirts and skirts start to go untouched as our favourite woollen sweatshirts take their place, we suddenly see how much space is being taken up by things we are not currently wearing. 

Storing them away for a few months means they’re out of site and out of mind. You’ll have more space for winter woollies, more easy access to those favourite items and you don’t have to commit to throwing anything away if you don’t want to. 

Self-storage could be a great idea for you if you’re running low on space or struggle with small closet space. It is a safe and dry option, that will be sure to keep your summertime possessions protected until it’s time to use them once again.

It is a good idea to clean anything that you are putting into short term storage (furniture, clothing, etc.) before it goes in, because extended periods of non-use can end up making dirt and grime very tough to remove when you take things out months later.

Also, while packing these belongings in boxes or containers, use the opportunity to do a little sorting out as well. A pile to keep, a pile to sell and a pile to donate are just a few ideas while you are going through this process.

The rest can be packed, labelled, and moved out of site for the winter season.

Our convenient location offers a variety of Self-storage unit types and sizes to accommodate your belongings. We provide a safe, secure, and affordable space for your items, located in the Vaal Triangle Area, and the most affordable prices. Phone us today and find out how Self Storage can help your home during the winter months. At 016-366-3200 or

Our newly built storage units are clean, modern and of high standard. With very affordable prices this is the best self-storage facilities that you will find in the Vaal Triangle! We are located just off the R59 off-ramp, close to Meyerton, Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Alberton and Johannesburg.

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