Considering the Covid-19 global pandemic, many industries and businesses have had to quickly adapt and change to the “new normal” we find ourselves in.

R59 Storage offers you the solution to your rapid change in work environment. Come store your valuable business assets in one of our storage units and save lots of valuable money.

You can safely store your assets until more certainty returns to business life. Your business assets will be safe and sound while you focus on your business.

With the large number of businesses and entities facing the difficult business decisions, our storage units are quickly gaining popularity and are being booked now to avoid disappointment once the nationwide lockdown comes to an end.

As the world is responding to COVID-19, our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who are impacted by this crisis. At R59 Storage we plan ahead and look to the future for new opportunities and possibilities.

The current South African lockdown leaves us all wondering what the future holds, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Don’t let the cost of renting offices weigh down on you. Rather give yourself peace of mind knowing it’s one less expense to keep you awake at night.

Call us today to get a quote based on your storage needs.

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