They say that the years you spend at university are some of the best of your life. Not only are you working towards a degree that will help you achieve your dream career goals, but you’re also making new friends, living on your own for the first time and creating memories that will last long after you graduate.

At university, it may seem like you’re constantly moving – from halls into shared houses and back home for holidays and time off – making it difficult to know where to keep your belongings. Student self storage is an option that many people choose, but if you’re new to self storage you might need some help understanding how everything works.

Read our student self storage guide to find out:

  • If you need self storage
  • Top tips, student storage hacks and what to consider before you move in
  • How student self storage works
  • What storage size you need
  • How Ready Steady Store can help

Do you need self storage?

It’s no secret that, unfortunately, when it comes to student housing, space is often short. However, often your parents aren’t aware of that fact and might even change your room into an office or a gym when you move out, leaving you with nowhere to store  your extra belongings.

Similarly, you might be uncertain about what you actually need to take to university. If you’re moving across the country, you may be tempted to bring everything you own, but you’re probably not going to have enough space to store it all.

Did you know that clutter and mess are detrimental to your motivation and growth? In fact, a study by The Princeton Neuroscience Institute found that the more things in your line of sight, the less productive you areThis is because there is more competing for your attention, making it harder to focus and concentrate. 

Student life is a lot easier when you don’t have to take your items from home to uni and back again every few months. Self storage, therefore, offers an affordable and convenient option when looking to declutter your space without having to get rid of things you may need at a later date.

So, what should you take with you?

While you might be tempted to bring all of your belonging to uni, chances are you won’t need as much as you might think! Here’s our best advice.

Advice from the University of Potchefstroom:

“The best advice about what to bring comes from students themselves. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • A clothes airer for drying clothes in your room
  • Toilet roll (to avoid any squabbles over whose turn it is to buy it!)
  • Something sentimental from home – like a favourite picture
  • A bicycle – to help you get about easily – it’s also good to ensure you’re getting plenty of exercise and fresh air
  • Medical supplies or vitamin supplements to ward off colds and freshers flu.
    • Stationery and books: other than your course material and reading lists you’ll need to buy pens, notepads, highlighters and any other stationery you need to keep your studies on track – think first day of school vibes!
    • Important documents: while you don’t necessarily need your birth certificate or exam results, you will need your driving license or passport for ID plus any insurance documents just in case.
    • Electricals: a laptop is key for research, essays and watching Netflix in bed on a Thursday afternoon. Forget the printer – you can always use the one on campus if you get desperate. 
    • Clothes: the biggest mistake most students make when moving to university? Don’t take every item you own as it won’t fit in the small wardrobe but make sure you have a good selection to choose from.
    • Toiletries: these are essential and don’t forget any healthcare products you might require.
    • Kitchenware: while most university accommodation, in first year especially, will equip you with a toaster and kettle, you will need to invest in cutlery, saucepans and crockery. Our top tip? Don’t opt for the cheapest choice, it will only break or burn your food and you’ll have to buy a replacement. 
    • Storage and filing items: from folders to mail trays, pencil pots to storage boxes, when living in a small space, you’ll need to make sure you keep organised and invest in some decent desk essentials in order to make the most of your room. 
    • Decorations: making yourself feel at home at university is crucial to helping you settle in and feel comfortable in your new home. From fairy lights to posters, pillows to blankets, you can easily purchase some cheap decorations to make your room feel morel like yours.

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