To ensure you make the most of such a small space you might want to think of how storage hacks can help you – particularly in the kitchen and bathroom where the space is likely to be shared. Read on for our top space-saving student storage hacks.

1. Look up: when floor space is at a premium, consider how you can make the most of wasted wall space. Shoe organisers and over the door hooks are perfect for this and are ideal for holding towels and dressing gowns as well as jackets and bathroom essentials.

Top Tip: Command strips are perfect for securing storage solutions to the wall as they are strong and sturdy – large strips can even hold up to 7.2kg! Plus, as they won’t leave a mark, they’re perfect for making sure you get that all-important deposit back at the end of the year. 

2. Vacuum pack your unused items: while anything you’re not regularly using could be placed into your self storage unit, these are perfect for those items you can’t part ways with just yet. From spare bedding to extra towels for guests and even clothing, they reduce the space required, are easy to use and can be tucked away on top of wardrobes or under beds.

3. Utilise things found around your flat or house: from utilising old jars for bathroom toiletries to reusing paper toilet roll tubes for keeping your cables tidy, there are plenty of ways to organise your room on a budget, you just need to think outside the box.

4. Keep your drawers tidy and organised: whether you buy purpose-made drawer dividers or craft your own from old cereal or shoe boxes, separating the space in your drawers ensures you’re making the most of your space while helping to keep track of your belongings. 

5. A place for everything: if everything in your room has a ‘home’, it will help to keep your space tidy and stop you losing your favourite top or that book you desperately need for your morning lecture. Use labels or different coloured boxes to group your belongings together 

Before you think about renting a storage unit, ask yourself the following questions.

How will I get to my storage unit?
As a student, you may not have access to a car, or be able to pay costly taxi fees. So, when deciding on a storage facility, make sure you can easily access your unit without it costing too much money.

When can I access my self storage unit?
The times at which you can access your storage unit depends entirely on the provider, and the facility you’re using.

What security measures are in place?
We understand that it can be daunting to leave your belongings in an unknown place, which is why most storage providers offer a range of safety measures, such as cameras or pin code access.

When it comes to storage unit sizes, the amount of space you need will depend entirely on the amount of stuff you’re looking to store. Remember, you aren’t moving to the moon! You might be in a different city but you are only a taxi or bus ride from your family home- or a walk or bus journey away from a storage unit.

While it can be tempting to keep hold of everything you own for fear of forgetting something important, keep in mind that your room is likely to be small and any unnecessary items will clutter it up and lower your productivity levels. If you do realise you have forgotten something you can’t live without, it will be quite easy to get hold of it.

We make it easy for you to store your items, whether you’re at home or university.

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